I ❤️ NY: Wickham Farms Sunflower Spectacular Festival

Flowers for YOU!

Hi everyone! How’s your day going so far? Hope these beautiful sunflowers will help brighten your day and make you smile…

My friends and I went to the Wickham Farms Sunflower Spectacular Festival in Penfield, NY. Sharing with you some of our photos and the inspiring lessons we learned from these flowers.

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadows. It’s what sunflowers do.  – Hellen Keller

Sunflower Festival
Image by Jen

Be bright, sunny, and positive. Spread seeds of happiness.

Sunflower Festival
Image by Emily

True friends are like bright sunflowers that never fade away, even over distance and time. – Marie Williams Johnston

Sunflower Festival
Image by AFW

Sunflowers are like good friends; they bring happiness and joy to our life.

Sunflower Festival
Image by AFW

We all love photography, flowers, and traveling. This trip has made our bond stronger and our friendship deeper.  Like the sunflowers, these lovely ladies bring so much positivity in my life!

Sunflower Festival
Image by Emily

General Information

Wickham Farms Annual Sunflower Spectacular Festival

  • Location:   1315 Sweets Corners Road  Penfield, NY 14526
  • Hours of Operation:  Open Daily 10 AM to 7 PM (Last entry at 6pm) until September 8, 2019
  • No pets allowed
  • Food: donuts, cookies, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, ice cream. hot & cold drinks
  • Admission Options: Sunflower & Barnyard or Sunflower only (Please click the link below for more info – save $1 per ticket by purchasing weekend tickets online)

Thank you so much for reading. Happy September!

What & Where

Wickham Farms

65 responses to “I ❤️ NY: Wickham Farms Sunflower Spectacular Festival”

  1. Travel experience brings the best out of you when you get the best out of it ❤️ It’s a matter of enjoying what’s in there by each other, with each other. Family and friends get to splurge on the dynamics of creating memories and immersing on intrinsic relational experience. It’s a concerted effort. Good memories nurture individuals tremendously. Healthy and mature friendship relationships are sustainable and lasting. Friendship makes family. Thank you for sharing this absolutely beautiful blog!! loving every piece of it❤️❤️❤️ Looking forward for your more! God bless you !

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aww… thank you so much for the encouragement and inspiring words. I really treasure our friendship. You are such a blessing to me… just like a sunflower… you always brighten my day. More blessings to you my dearest friend and sister.


  2. Day spent out doing things with people you love, is just the absolutle best as it could get!😊❤ such a happy pretty place with all these sunflowers too!😀

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This place looks SOO beautiful! I’ve never been to a sunflower field before. It’s nice you got to go with your friends. I feel like places like these always yield excellent photos for the blog and IG haha! I will have to see how long a drive it would take to get there… I don’t know too much of upstate NY! Thanks for sharing the info of the field as well.

    Geraldine | https://geraldinetalks.com

    Liked by 2 people

    • The farm is around 5-6 hours drive from Manhattan. It’s 2 hours away from Niagara Falls. If you’re planning a road trip to the falls next summer, it would be a great idea to check out the farm on your way there.


  4. OMG!!! Fritz, you’re such a DELIGHT through and through!!! I love your post … it shows so much happiness and love!!! Always so proud of you …. thanks for coloring our world with your beautiful heart and mind! Love you! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Sunflowers always make me smile! It must have been fun to be surrounded by fields and fields of them! Sounds like a special day for you and your friends!

    Liked by 1 person

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