How we Celebrated our Anniversary amid COVID-19

We got married on a beautiful spring day in Central Park, NYC. Two months ago, we were planning to go to the big city to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. It would be nice to visit the park, walk on the bow bridge, and just relive those beautiful moments of our wedding day.

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned our world upside down. And, we had to adjust and make significant changes to cope with this crisis. We postponed our travel plans and signed up for any opportunity to work and help our fellow healthcare workers.

Though we weren’t able to visit NYC during our anniversary, our special day turned out much better than I expected…


My hubby dropped by during my lunch break, and we found a nice spot to eat our takeout salads. I had the Mediterranean Grain Bowl, and he had the Chicken Caesar Salad. For dessert, we had some chocolate-dipped matcha cookies given to us by one of our friends in the hospital.


I got home from work at around 4 pm. We have nowhere to go for date night because restaurants we’re either temporarily closed or only open for takeout and delivery. My hubby was craving good ole’ Chinese food, so we decided to order online from Rain Modern Chinese Restaurant. We ordered a few of our fave items from their menu – Roasted Chicken with Garlic, Cantonese Style Wonton Soup, and their House Special Lo Mein. Our food arrived within 30 minutes. I hurriedly set the table while my hubby opened a bottle of  Cabernet. Then, we sat down and enjoyed a lovely anniversary dinner together.


No fancy restaurant, no candlelit dinner, no expensive gifts… yet this day was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. We may be on lockdown… but COVID-19 can’t stop us from celebrating LOVE.

Cheers to 3 years and many, many more!


How do you celebrate special days with your loved ones during this time? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading. Stay safe and well everyone! ❤️

30 responses to “How we Celebrated our Anniversary amid COVID-19”

  1. Happy Anniversary to you both!! We had our 21st wedding anniversary on April 9th and because we usually go out of town we just pretended our house was the resort and hotel. We got to relax in the pool, take a walk, eat takeout wings and because I have a she-cave, that was our hotel and we stayed up all night. I like the simple things so it was very romantic❤

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  2. Congratulations on hitting your third year anniversary! Although we’re dealing with the pandemic, I am glad you and your husband still made it a special day. It is so sweet for him to drop by your work! It’s great that you still got to celebrate with takeout. You don’t always need something overly fancy to celebrate love. It’s the time you spend that counts! Here’s to more years together!

    Nancy ♥

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  3. This is beautiful!! Happy Anniversary to you both!! ❤️ My husband and I have 4 children and we’ve been struggling to get some time with just the two of us. Thankfully our oldest 2 kids are 13 & 10 and they do really well with watching the little ones for a short time. The other day they hung out in the living room with popcorn, a movie, toys, and such so that Hubby and I could hide away in our bedroom with dinner and a glass of wine. Just the chance to snuggle, watch a little TV, and talk was so nice. I’m glad that you were able to make the most our of our current circumstances!

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  4. Happy anniversary! This is a precious reminder that we do not need parties and outings to celebrate a special day when celebrating is about being with the people you love. I love that you had a wonderful day and here is to many more to come. 🙂


  5. Hi Fritzie, Happy Belated Anniversary! Id love to share my business with your readers. is a mini wedding chapel on 75th St., 2 blocks from Central Park, where I also had my wedding! With covid closing down City Hall and Restaurants, we are offering mini wedding ceremonies as well as Vow Renewals. My wife and I have performed hundreds and hundreds of ceremonies.I think the Vow Renewal would make a great surprise, romantic gift, especially during covid.


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