I ❤️ NY: Indian Ladder Farms Apple Picking

Happy October!

The leaves are starting to change here in New York. The weather is getting colder, and it’s time to wear those cozy sweaters, tights, and boots. Fall is in the air!

My hubby and I welcomed this season by going apple picking last Saturday. We went to Indian Ladder Farms in Altamont, NY. Here are some of our photos…

Apple Picking

The orchard has several varieties of apples which they offer every weekend from September to October. We decided to pick one half bushel bag of Empire and Kendall apples.

After apple picking, we walked a few miles towards their Farm Market and Cafe.


I’ve heard about their delicious donuts, so I joined the waiting line of people eager to have a bite. It took almost an hour before I got my donuts, but I was determined not to go home without it. And yes… it was worth the wait!


Donuts, apple cider, and a lovely sunset… what a great way to end our day.

So, what are your plans this fall? Have you done anything fun yet? Please share in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Indian Ladder Farms

24 responses to “I ❤️ NY: Indian Ladder Farms Apple Picking”

    • Apple picking is such a fun fall activity! I’m glad the donuts are good too…..haha… I can’t believe I was patient enought to wait for an hour. Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter kept me busy during that time:)


  1. This sounds like the perfect fall activity! I absolutely Love apple orchards and all the fun extras. Like donuts and cider!
    Thanks for sharing! I hope I get to visit an apple orchard this season!

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