The Arrival

No matter how long it takes, true love is always worth the wait.

My head is spinning. It’s almost three hours. Did he bring all his required documents? What if the immigration officer disapproved his papers? Why isn’t he answering his phone?

I stood up and looked around…

A guy is waving to a woman holding a baby. A flight attendant is glancing at her watch. Tons of passengers are coming out of the arrival area. Where is he?

Then, I saw him…

My fiancé has arrived! I sighed in relief and ran toward him. Suddenly, I tripped and fell on the floor. “Are you alright?” asked someone behind me. “I’m ok,” I said. Any other day, my face would have turned red, but not today.

“Abraham, I’m here!” I yelled as I moved closer to him…

I have been waiting for this moment. I have endured three years of loneliness without him beside me. The phone calls and emails are not enough anymore.

Finally, just a few more steps, our long-distance relationship is coming to an end!

JFK Airport
JFK Airport

24 responses to “The Arrival”

  1. I am all smiles after reading this. Let the journey of a lifetime begin! I hope to see you over at my blog sometimes. I can always use feedback to improve my work, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the post comments on my blog.

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    • Hi there. I just read your About page, and you mentioned that you’re training was biochemistry; mine was nursing. I just started writing again too. Anyway, I like reading short stories and poetry — and yes I’ll be following your creative journey. Keep writing!

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  2. I landed on this bost because of your “5 Lessons I Learned…” post. Aw… This is so heartwarming. Even though we are both in the Philippines, I and my boyfriend are also in a pseudo LDR status. This should be an encouragement to all couples that love is a commitment worth working and waiting for. Stay in love and may God continuously bless your marriage! ❤

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