3 Simple Ways To Say “I Love You”

Just for you

I’d climb the highest mountain

Just for you

I’d swim across the sea

Just for you

I’d build a monument

So the world can see

What you mean to me.

Gwen Guthrie – Just For You

What a beautiful love song!

Oh, sweet, sweet love… when it touches your heart, you want to do everything to make your sweetheart happy.

Climb a mountain? I’ll collapse before I reach the top. Swim across the sea? I’ll be breathless and exhausted after 50 meters (or less). Build a monument? I can’t really afford that!

Thank goodness there are simpler ways to show our LOVE.

1. A Fun Lunch Date.

Last week, I was so stressed out thinking about what we’ll do on Valentine’s Day. I’m working until 5:30 pm and I’m usually very tired after my nursing job. Then, I realized since we’re both off on February 13 – we can celebrate a little bit early.

My husband, Abraham hasn’t experienced Hibachi dining, so I took him out for lunch at Koto Japanese Steak House. He was fascinated by the tricks and cooking skills of our chef. He was laughing, taking pictures, eating, drinking “sake” (for the first time). My heart was filled with joy as I watched him enjoy every moment!

Koto Japanese Steak House

2. A Sweet Surprise!

Meet Waddles.

Wally - The Penguin

I got this Beanie Boo from one of the US airport’s stores a few years ago. I was on my way to the Philippines to see Abraham (we were in a long distance relationship).  I surprised Abraham with this gift and told him to bring Waddles back to the US someday.

This photo was taken by Abraham during a layover at Incheon, South Korea while waiting for his flight to New York. He sent me this picture with a text message: I’ll be home soon!

Waddles has traveled more than 17,000 miles (US – Philippines – US). This doe-eyed penguin reminds us of our love that has survived the test of time and distance.

3. A Home Cooked Romantic Dinner.

This is my husband’s primary love language.

“I cooked the steak perfectly to your liking!” he said. I smiled and gave him a big hug. I walked towards the dining table and my heart melted as I looked at the sumptuous meal that he prepared for me: rib eye steak, baked carbonara, and chocolate cake for dessert!

You Are My Happily Ever After

I was so thrilled. I felt my heart beating faster. I pulled him closer, kissed him, and whispered, “You are my happily ever after!”

Aww! Haha… I actually didn’t say that. I said, “Thank you … you’re the best!”

“I Love You!”

Love quotes

Thank you so much for reading.

It’s your turn now to share the many ways you express your love to your special someone? Any other creative ideas? Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

23 responses to “3 Simple Ways To Say “I Love You””

  1. I love that there are so many ways to express love and telling the other person that you love them. Yassss, love that you two got to celebrate early! You got to skip out on the V-day crowd! Wow, Waddles has been EVERYWHERE!! I love the home cooked dinner! Thanks for sharing :)!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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  2. Oh my gosh, this was such a lovely post to read. Waddles is adorable. What a sweet gift! That love song at the start is super cute. Haha, you’re completely right though. Even the smallest actions can have a massive impact.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I usually cook or bake (or both) something my husband loves but doesn’t get often. He is very partial to my eggplant parmesan, and every time we go to a restaurant, he compares theirs to mine and always says theirs falls short. That makes me feel very loved, too. When my husband does the dishes for me, or takes a short while to watch the kids so I can write…those are some of my favorite ways he says I love you. (Also when he gives me a massage or cuddles me while we watch a movie.) As we are in upstate New York, another grand romantic gesture on my part is to clean the snow off of, and from around, both of our cars. So many good ways to show we care! ❤

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