5 Reasons Why I’m Blogging

Are you still motivated to blog? Are there days when you wonder if you should continue blogging? Have you asked yourself why you even blog despite the many challenges that have been going on in your life?

I haven’t blog for weeks. Things have been crazy busy. My dad had surgery, and though he’s a thousand miles away from me, I’ve been very much involved with his care. Thank God, he’s feeling better now!

There are also a lot of changes going on at work, and there are new procedures to learn. Lately, after my 10-hour shift, I’m just too tired to do anything else other than eat and sleep.

Tonight, I feel different. It’s 11:30 pm and I can’t sleep. There are so many ideas popping into my head, and I can’t help but ask myself why I am still so fired up to blog. So, here I am sharing with you the 5 Reasons Why I’m Blogging.

1. To document our journey

This is the main reason why I started this blog. My hubby and I both grew up in the Philippines, and moving to the US is one of the greatest adventures in our life. I want to write about our life, travels, and the things that inspired us along the way.


2. To share travel ideas & tips

I love… love… love to travel. If I’m not a nurse, I’d like to be a travel writer with my own show on the travel channel. Haha… I think I’m getting lost in la-la land… just dreaming about this! Though I’m not a Travel TV show host, blogging allows me to at least share with you some ideas and tips for your next trip. And, that makes me truly happy!

3. To inspire and encourage

I don’t have a perfect life – I’m a flawed human being who is willing to learn, change, and grow. I hope that my story and reflections will give encouragement to others going through similar life situations. I’d also like to share with you some simple, and gentle reminders that would stir your soul and inspire you through your journey.

Dance. Smile. Giggle. Marvel.

4. To engage with readers and other bloggers

I’ve met a lot of awesome people through my blog. It’s fun to engage with other bloggers and discover new friends in the blogosphere. Everyone has a story to tell, and it’s nice to learn various things from each other.

5. To express my ideas

Lastly, simply because I love to write. Sometimes, when inspiration strikes, I need an outlet to share these ideas. I’ll grab my pen, journal, or laptop and start blogging.

What if my writing sucks? What if nobody likes my post? I asked myself these questions when I first started blogging. It took some time before I learned to be brave, find my voice, and express myself creatively.

Just keep creating!

My dearest readers, I’m getting sleepy now. I guess I stayed up so late because I really miss blogging and I miss you guys… so much.

So, please leave me a comment below. Tell me why you started blogging. Share with me one or two reasons why you continue to blog. Or just say Hi and feel free to share with me some of your blogging joys and woes. I’d really love to hear from you!

65 responses to “5 Reasons Why I’m Blogging”

  1. Hey there! I agree with everything you said. this is my reasons as well
    and I really hope I could travel full time with my blog but now it seems like my dream is far far away.
    love your site 🙂

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    • Hi there! My blog is the closest I can get to my travel show host or travel writer dream. LOL. But, that’s ok….I guess what’s important is we continue to dream and live our best life. Thank you so much for following. Love your site too. Looking forward to read more of your fun adventures.

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  2. I’m thinking of starting my own travel blog because I dream of becoming a travel show host too haha. On a more serious note, I’m feeling really inspired by this post and your whole blog overall so thank you so much for sharing and keep writing 🙂

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  3. I really loved your post and how honest you were. Especially about sharing your ideas & trips. i think people today try to be too perfect. It’s so refreshing to see a normal person’s perspective who has showed every little detail of their trip that they worked hard for, no matter how imperfect or flawed it may seem to be. Thanks for sharing

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    • Glad you love it Amy. I love reading raw and honest musings of other bloggers – may it be about life or travel. It’s good to know that I’m not the only one going through difficult challenges. So, when I write my post – I try to keep it real too.

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  4. I think yours are all great reasons to blog. It is always good to go back to why you first started, isn’t it? You can get swept away with numbers, statistics, what others are doing and just plain old writer’s block!
    I think my reasons are pretty similar to yours – as a way of sharing my travel adventures, as well as other things that interest me!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    • True. It’s easy to get swept away with stats, goals, etc. I have experienced writer’s block and blogger burnout. It’s good to just reflect on the reasons why your blogging and re-discover the joys of writing once again.

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  5. I always love reading about why people blog. I can totally relate to you about documenting our journey. I always like going back to reread my old posts. Oooh, I like the idea of sharing ideas! If you can share a tip that can help the world, why not? I love it when bloggers engage with each other. It makes the experience more personal. Thanks for sharing!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

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    • I like to go back and reread my old posts too. It makes you appreciate your journey. Despite the bumpy ride, there are so much to be grateful for in life. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, Nancy. I’m glad I met someone as sweet and supportive like you in the blogosphere.

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    • Thanks Eena! I haven’t blog or travelled a lot lately, I wondered if I should continue to blog because of my crazy sked. Writing down my “whys” gave me the motivation to continue documenting our journey. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your “whys” too,

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  6. I am so happy to hear your Dad is doing well!

    I can relate to this post on so many levels. I too started blogging to document our journey and share our struggles with infertility. It turned into so much more for me, an outlet, a way to connect with others and a diary to look back on. It’s amazing what blogging can do for one’s soul.

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  7. I love this post So much! I have been feeling the same way so often lately. Dealing with an ill father myself, job related issues, etc. I can totally understand where you are coming from and feel the same. Somedays I wonder if I will ever write again because exhaustion makes it impossible to think and write. Then there are the days that the writing just flows and the ideas are numerous. I love your blog my friend! I encourage you to please continue to blog and share your journey with us.

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    • I’m so blessed to know someone as supportive as you in the blogosphere. Hope everything will work out just fine and God will continue to lead you through all these challenges. I really love your blog too my friend! Please, please keep writing. You’re one of the most inspiring bloggers and I love reading your posts.

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    • Thank you Warren. He’s 79-years old and had his first major surgery. I’m glad that he survived this ordeal…..God is so good. Please continue to include him in your prayers. Thank you so much for your comments and continuous support for my blog. You’re one of the awesome bloggers I’ve met in the blogosphere, Your posts are so inspiring……please continue to bring our hearts closer to God.

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  8. Great motivation to keep posting. Family issues can definitely make bloggers slow down, or sometimes it’s work or other parts of life that just take over. But getting back to it always feels so good.

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  9. Such a relatable post Fritzie. Blogging can take so much of your time. I must admit I love the writing side of things, both on our Travel Blog and also on my own personal stories blog. The techy stuff behind it all can get frustrating at times and have dominated my time lately but all worth it.
    When I write on our travel blog I relive all our fantastic travels all over again and love sharing these places so others can find them too.
    I felt vulnerable when I started writing my personal blog, but I am overcoming that the more I write and share. It’s therapeutic and I really believe that others may relate and it might give hope to others that whatever they are going through, life can get better. I recently read a quote by Maya Angelou – “There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you” – Happy Blogging and writing xxxx

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    • Hi Michelle. I’m not tech savvy too, and that’s the most challenging part of blogging for me. There are still so many things I need to figure out. I agree – it’s so nice to relive all the travel adventures! Wow, you guys have been to a lot of countries. I wish my hubby and I could visit these places someday too. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Love your blog! xxxx

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  10. I love this post. I, too, have been wondering why I blog. When I started blogging, it was really just to challenge myself to just write and to get better at it. Maybe share a thought or two..But nowadays, I realized that it’s more than just writing. It’s also about connecting with people in the blog world, learning from them and about them. I find that everyone is so unique, interesting and truly amazing. Their writing enrich my life.

    I hope you get some rest soon and I wish your dad a quick recovery. Take good care and have a wonderful weekend.

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    • Indeed, everyone is unique and there’s so much we can learn from each other. So glad to meet someone like you in the blogosphere.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m feeling better now, finally had a chance to rest this weekend. Dad is doing well too. Hope you’ll have a beautiful Sunday!

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      • I stopped blogging for almost five years because life and law school happened. But you are right. Events like this are the exact same reasons why a person must start or go back to blogging.

        For me, blogging these days make my sanity intact despite the stressful life at work and law school. Some people judge me for “wasting time” on blogging, thinking all I do is blog. But I always tell them that one can always find time for anything.

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts. This inspired me to continue blogging and sharing things our fellow human beings may relate to.

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      • True… if we really love something, we can always find time for anything. Blogging gives me so much joy. It helps me de-stress… keep my sanity intact too (haha). Thank you so much for reading. So glad to connect with someone from the Philippines too:)

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  11. Honestly, I started blogging because I could no longer (classroom) teach (child care was prohibitive). And as a little girl, even before I wanted to teach, I HAD to write. And this was the last thing I expected to write, but a dear friend (who is a professional writer) urged me to publish my parenting tips to her, in response to her endless queries to me as one of the more “seasoned mamas” in her village. And urged and urged. Until finally one day I screwed up my courage and committed to publishing my parenting hacks, such as they were, for the world to read…

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  12. I love reading posts like this because I’m so intrigued by why people start their blogs and why they continue. Your reasons are lovely and I especially like the 1st one and the 3rd one. I started blogging to help others and that’s really what keeps me going now, too.

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    • Blogger burnout is real and a lot of bloggers quit after a few months. Sometimes, it’s good for the blogger soul to take a break and be reminded about the reasons why we continue to blog. Thank you for reading and may you continue to find joy in writing.

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  13. Blogging is something that I want to do but sometimes creating content is very challenging for me. So, I feel you. I’m not confident in my writing skills, had a hard time focusing and keeping motivated to blog. This year I’m trying to stay focus on making content and sharing my experiences and ideas in writing.

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